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Empty Vaginal Suppository Capsules - 100 Ct

Empty Vaginal Suppository Capsules

For use with Boric Acid and/or L. Crispatus Probiotic Powder. We are excited to offer the same quality of capsules that are used by pharmacies to create vaginal capsule suppositories. All capsules provided by an FDA registered manufacturer with strict quality control on all products. Each capsule will hold approximately 600mg of Boric Acid or combine with V-Biotex powder, and will dissolve in vaginal fluids.

Your microbiome is a big factor in your health and the health of your tissues. 

These are empty capsules. Fill with Humco Boric Acid our own Vaginal Probiotic product, or combine both to support healthy vaginal flora. This addresses BV and odor, promotes feminine health and optimizes a balanced pH level. Can also naturally treat Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) and yeast infections.

These cost effective vaginal capsules allow for an easy and comfortable application.