About Us

Epothex is a leader in the health and supplement space. We specialize in offering our customers certified quality products, including nutritional formulations and OTC options. 

We feature a secure and friendly online shopping experience, providing free shipping for every order over $50. Our professional team works hard to keep up-to-date with our customers needs and current healthcare trends.

We're family owned and the products we provide are the same ones we recommend to our family and friends. 

 ePothex started in a compounding pharmacy.  Using the skills and knowledge of pharmacy, our mission is to provide natural products of the highest quality directly to patients.  We have specialized equipment and training that allow us to provide products that simply aren't available to the general public, and we strive to be on the cutting edge of research, with products that reflect our drive to innovate.

You can reach us at info@epothex.com and for comprehensive information, please email one of our licensed professionals at pharmacist@epothex.com