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Humco Camphor Spirit - 2 Fluid oz

Humco Camphor Spirit 2 Fluid oz

  • Camphor spirits can be used to treat skin conditions such as eczema, rash, dry, itchy skin, acne, and other forms of skin irritation. This product also makes a good astringent for tightening pores. It keeps the skin oil free, and rids the face of impurities from the surface to provide a fresh glow and improved complexion.
  • Camphor can be added to warm coconut or sesame oil and applied to the body before a shower to relieve swelling, aches, and pains produced by arthritis.
  • Camphor is known as an effective insect and moth repellent. Soaking a piece of cloth in camphor and leaving it in the open drives away insects like fleas, mosquitoes, and flies. It is also beneficial for repelling germs from the house and eradicating head lice.

Active Ingredients: Camphor 10%

Inactive Ingredients: Alcohol 84%; Purified Water