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Humco Gentian Violet 2% Topical Solution 2 oz

Humco Gentian Violet Anti-Infective for external treatment of abrasions, minor cuts, surface injuries, and superficial fungus infections of the skin

  • It will stain Purple anything it comes in contact with

  • Can be used to treat a variety of fungal infections including athlete's foot and thrush

  • It has weak antibacterial effects and may be used on minor cuts and scrapes to prevent infection

  • First aid antiseptic to help protect against skin infection in minor cuts, scrapes or burns

Ingredients: Gentian Violet 2%

Clean and apply directly to the wound or use a cotton tipped applicator once or twice daily. Do not bandage. Will stain skin and clothing.

Humco’s leading team of professionals have strong expertise ranging from product development to commercialization in the Company’s state-of-the-art FDA registered*, cGMP compliant facilities.**

*FDA establishment identifier: 1611206

**cGMP certificate number: i18-275363-1