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BioTE Iodine Plus - Thyroid + Detox - 180 Capsules

BioTE Iodine Plus

BioTE Iodine + provides imperative minerals that support boosted energy levels, metabolism, and natural hormone production. 

*Please note: BioTE recently updated to new labels and packaging so you may receive the new label, but the product is the same.

What is in Biote Iodine Plus?

The Biote Iodine+ nutraceutical contains a complex that enhances bioavailability of several ingredients critical to health. These include potassium iodide, zinc, selenium, potassium and free iodine. Iodine+ also contains other essential ingredients—selenium and zinc. Selenium and zinc are needed to help with the formation of active thyroid hormone (T3).

The ingredients used in BioTE iodine supplement are high-grade and formulated to help you experience optimal health.

Suggested Use: Take 1 capsule daily or as recommended by your health care professional.