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Nasobiotex L. Sakei Powder - 1.5+Billion CFU - Sinus Probiotic

Nasobiotex Lactobacillus Sakei (L. Sakei) Powder

Pure L. Sakei powder.  Lactobacillus sakei has antibacterial properties and works to suppress or kill the growth of harmful bacteria, which are implicated in sinus infections and sinusitis.

Nasobiotex was the first L Sakei product available, and is still the best.

  • 100% pure, no fillers of any kind
  • 1.5+Billion CFUs per scoop
  • Extended expiration dating

**Orders are shipped in an insulted envelope with cold packs but can arrive warm during certain times of the year, which is expected and lab testing shows this does not affect the product potency. Refrigerate/Freeze after receiving.

**Please Note - Due to the temperature requirements for this product, orders will ONLY be shipped out Monday through Wednesday. Orders typically will go out the next shipping day after the order is placed. We have tested this method and it retains full potency of the product**

**Overnight Shipping Available: Monday-Wednesday only, order cutoff Wednesday 7AM (same day shipping or per usps shipping schedule.) Any overnight orders after at 7AM Wednesday and through Sunday will ship on Monday due to USPS schedule to ensure overnight delivery. No exceptions. For the purpose of clarity, our overnight shipping option is overnighted from the day it is shipped, and does not mean next day delivery from order date.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality Lactobacillus sakei product, and we believe we did just that.  This powder is 15x more potent than our prior L. Sakei powder, and contains absolutely no fillers like maltodextrin.  Compared to the prior product, the overall amount of powder you will receive is less, but you will get 2.4x more bacteria for the same price, with better expiration dating.

Combine with Xymogen AllerDHQ and/or ePothex Boric Acid Nasal Spray for best results.

This sinus probiotic is used to support healthy nasal flora. It is supplied as a bulk powder in a jar. A scoop is provided that supplies about 10mg (~1.5billion bacteria) per scoop.


The powder is in a jar inside the bag, with a measuring scoop included. Using scoop provided in your order, mix one scoop of powder with a few drops of purified water (distilled preferably).  Apply using a clean finger or cotton swab into nasal passages, about one-half inch deep, or as directed by a healthcare provider.