Integrative Peptides BPC-157 Pure - Body Protection Compound - 500mcg - 60 Capsules

Integrative Peptides BPC-157 Pure - 60 Capsules

Integrative Peptides BPC-157 is a naturally occurring peptide that has been found to support connective tissue healing. It is naturally produced in human gastric juice, but is also found in small amounts in the gastric juice of other mammals. BPC-157 is a peptide composed of 15 amino acids.

The peptide is associated with many different health benefits but its most notable qualities relate to healing and regeneration. Studies have found that through its impressive influence, BPC-157 encourages greater gut health, tissue regeneration, inflammatory control, and may even be used to treat physical injuries, certain illnesses and conditions, and systemic disorders.

How does BPC-157 Pure work?

  • Experimentally demonstrated to accelerate connective tissue healing*

  • May support healing of many different wounds, including tendon-to-bone healing and superior healing of damaged ligaments*

  • Seems to protect organs and may help prevent ulcers of the stomach*

  • May support digestion and the broader healing of the digestive tract*

  • Protects the brain and nervous system*

  • Reduces muscle and joint pain*

  • Provides cardiovascular protection*

Studies suggest that BPC-157 positively influences angiogenesis, the process of blood vessel creation which is closely related to healing of damaged tissue. It is posited that this is one of the qualities responsible for BPC-157s impressive regenerative ability. Research also shows that BPC-157 is an effective inflammatory regulator and protectant. These two qualities make BPC-157 particularly effective at treating gastrointestinal conditions such as SIBO, IBS, and Leaky Gut.

This was Integrative Peptides first product and is still a top seller. Each bottle contains 60 capsules of 500mcg BPC-157.


1) New Bottles: Integrative Peptides will now be using smaller, biodegradable bottles with capsule products. The bottles, when placed in a landfill or the ocean will degrade into inert material without any microfibers remaining within 2 years of disposal. This cutting-edge technology helps maintain a healthy, sustainable environment while supporting the circular economy.

2) New Capsules: Beginning with BPC-157 and CerebroPep, Integrative Peptides will now be using a sustained-released capsule. Sustained-released delivery offers prolonged effectiveness, reduced dosing frequency, minimized side effects, enhanced convenience, and improved nutrient absorption compared to immediate-release formulations.

The oral sprays will continue to be immediate release, as they have direct absorption through the oral mucosa.

The BPC-157 capsules are temporarily larger, but they will return to a smaller size shortly.

Suggested Use: Take one capsule two times per day, or as recommended by your healthcare provider. 

Ingredients: BPC-157, microcrystalline cellulose delayed release veggie capsule.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.